Welcome to the Standard Horizon Marine Radio's WEBpage!

For more than 50 years Standard Horizon has built and delivered the finest radios on the market!

Standard Horizon Marine products require high reliability and functionality because ships must be operated safely even under severe weather conditions. The nature of marine communications is changing, such as the increased need for satellite-based location positioning systems and the adoption of GMDSS by certain countries. Because of this changing environment, they offer a wide spectrum of products. Standard Horizon is the leaders in communication equipment covering the HF to VHF frequency, the most important frequencies in marine communications. Standard Horizon also offer products for use in marine leisure activities such as for yachts and powerboats.

The products of the Standard Horizon are used in the fishing and shipping industries as well as installed in the base stations. We will continue to provide highly reliable products employing the latest in technology to the various market segments. In the area of professional use marine communications, Standard Horizon have received solutions to government agencies such as the Coast Guard. They are constantly developing and releasing innovative new products such as the fully waterproof portable transceiver and a multi function remote access microphone making it possible to operate a unit from a microphone.

"Taste" of some Standard Horizon Marine radio:

Handheld Marine Radio

hx851e, hx-851, hx851 e, hx-851 e, hx-851eHX851E hx751e, hx-751, hx751 e, hx-751 e, hx-751e HX751Ehx760e, hx-760, hx760 e, hx-760 e, hx-760e HX760Ehx280e, hx-280, hx280 e, hx-280 e, hx-280e HX280Ehx370e, hx-370, hx370 e, hx-370 e, hx-370eHX370E

Mobile Marine Radio
gx3000e, gx-3000, gx3000 e, gx-3000 e, gx-3000eGX3000E gx2100e, gx-2100, gx2100 e, gx-2100 e, gx-2100e GX2100E gx2000e, gx-2000, gx2000 e, gx-2000 e, gx-2000e GX2000E

gx1500e, gx-1500, gx1500 e, gx-1500 e, gx-1500e GX1500E    gx1600e, gx-1600, gx1600 e, gx-1600 e, gx-1600e GX1600E  gx1100e, gx-1100, gx1100 e, gx-1100 e, gx-1100e GX1100E